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Gilmore Girls 100

The Challenge for the Extreme GG Icon Maker

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Hello all! Welcome to gg_100, a community for all of the Gilmore Girls loving fans who love to make icons for them.

I've seen a lot of other communities around for challenges to make 100 or 50 icons, and this one is no different, except it is focused soley on Gilmore Girls.

How it Works:

[x] Start by joining the community. You must be a member to take part.
[x] Go to the subject claim post, and if what you want to make is not already taken you may claim it in a comment. Please specify both the subject and whether you'd like to do 50 or 100 icons. See the actual post for more details.
[x] If you'd like to be next in line to make icons of your subject, go to the wish list and leave a comment.
[x] Once your claim has been approved, you have 6 weeks to complete the project if you chose 100 icons, and 3 if you chose 50.
[x] If you want, you can claim two subjects, but you'll still just have 10 weeks to complete both projects, or 5 if you're doing 50.
[x] After you've claimed a certain subject you have two weeks to post your first batch. If you don't meet the deadline, the subject is open again for the next in line!
[x]You have 50 themes to choose from. All the themes are located here, along with the rest of the rules.


[x]Subjects: Anything Gilmore Girl related goes. It can be ship, character, actor, season, general show, what ever you'd like!

[x]Timing: For this challenge, you are given 6 weeks to complete your 100 icons, and 3 weeks for 50. If the time expires and you aren't done, you can either request an extension, or your claim will be freed up for someone else to use. Please post your first batch within two weeks of your claim so that things don't drag.

[x]Content: If there is questionable ratings content in your post, please place the icons behind a cut, and warn clearly. Any violaters will be banned from the community.[There really shouldn't be, given the Gilmore status, but mreh, whatever]

[x]The Icons: Please make your icons new ones. The purpose of this community is to stimulatecreativity and produce new work for others to enjoy. You wont be punished if some of them are old, but it is severely frowned upon. And while textless icons are perfectly fine, a base with a border isn't. So please, put some effort into them too.

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i_love_gg | ggirlschallenge | gg_awards

If you have any questions or would like to affiliate, please see the FAQs

xxsweetnsassyxx~ Memories Mod
pyaari~ Moderator